Karen Carrington, Author, Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker is all about encouragement, inspiration, beauty, mental health and physical wellness. She’s here to encourage and inspire others by sharing her personal experiences, her successes and her failures during her charismatic Motivational Speaking Events. She is known as the ultimate ENERGIZER and blesses everyone with her positivity! Her 2 Books “Hope- A New Way of Thinking” and “Confessions of A Single Mother” are stories about overcoming pain, trials and tribulations, adversity and battling mental illness. She is a true survivor.

With adrenaline and passion running through her veins coupled with her candid humourous communication style, she enthusiastically hustles through each day with creativity, prayer and a love for touching people’s lives. Her goal is to uplift, guide and empower everyone she connects with. “I believe purity, truth and connecting genuinely with others is the foundation to success. My personal motto is “Your courage today is your freedom tomorrow.” If you step out of your fear, you will have the ultimate freedom. I welcome you to join me on this journey and I look forward to hearing from you!”

Launched on Mother’s Day 2015 in loving memory of my late mother Velma Latmore.