“My Life is finally in order, and no longer in mental disorder”  ~ Karen Carrington

How I survived and healed. How I inspire others. My ministry, my story…

I have been invited to share my story with the City of Toronto Community Centres for youth, in local schools, The Nikki Clarke Show, Motivational Mondays on Carib 101 Radio, The New Fit and Sexy Show with Susan Hart in Atlanta and at Conferences including A Sound Mind Conference with the BHA of Toronto and BRFB Canada.
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I boldly told my story, I had to heal, I had to let go of my past and walk in confidence, today I released my weakness and grabbed hold of my strength.

Click here to read My Featured Story In The Share News Paper How I survived the fight of mental illness. I broke free of the pain and now only have confidence to gain…

Sometimes, what we need is a genuine dose of encouragement, motivation, and inspiration. Karen Carrington, Motivational Energizer delivers exactly that. She represents the ultimate “Breakdown to Breakthrough” Her heart-warming story and heart-breaking tragedy has turned into a shining triumph.


A Sound Mind Conference, speaking alongside my friend, my partner, my inspiration, Stacey Ann Buchanan




My beautiful mom passed away of diabetes on Aug 9, 2011. I speak in memory of her, Velma Latmore, Toast Masters DTM, District 61 Governor. She was instrumental in supporting the Toastmasters Club in 1994 and 1995.