“My Life is finally in order, and no longer in mental disorder”  ~ Karen Carrington

“I boldly told my story, I had to heal, I had to let go of my past and walk in confidence, I released my weakness and grabbed hold of my strength. DESTROY WHAT DESTROYS YOU! Every wound and scar turns into a story. Sharing my story on battling mental illness healed me and now helps others.

Public Speaking about Mental Health is Karen Carrington’s passion.  She has been invited to share her story at various events s a few are mentioned below. Contact us to speak at your next event.

Heron Park Community Centre for Youth

Sister’s In Christ Retreat, California

Training Tuesdays Overcoming Self-Doubt at Now Common Venue

Escape The Darkness and Into the Light Mental Health Event

Motivational Mondays on Carib 101 Radio

The New Fit and Sexy Show with Susan Hart, Atlanta

A Sound Mind Conference- The Black Health Alliance

Women’s Health in Hands Community Health Centre

First Fridays Event, Toronto

BRFB Canada Event

“In Nov 2015  Karen Carrington came to the Heron Park Community to speak to our youth and it was the most attentive we have ever seen our youth. They were all moved and inspired by her story/journey with mental health. A lot of youth felt that mental health is an issue in the Heron Park community but no one talks about it so to have someone who is living with a condition share their experience first hand made youth feel comfortable to share challenges with mental health in their personal life with youth staff in the youth space. Karen’s speech provide us with a platform to be discuss mental health openly with our youth and provide them with the necessary support need to move forward.  Thank you so much Karen!!!!”

Fitzroy Thompson

Youth Outreach Worker


Sometimes, what we need is a genuine dose of encouragement, motivation, and inspiration.  Karen Carrington, Motivational Energizer delivers exactly that. She represents the ultimate “Breakdown to Breakthrough” Her heart-warming story and heart-breaking tragedy has turned into a shining triumph.

Dr. O’Neil says “Having family members on both my father and mother’s side afflicted with mental illness and dwelling in a culture that earth ignores the cries of the sick, Ms. Carrington is a beacon of hope, blazing in passion, knowledge, and appeal for those who feel there is no way out; those who feel they do not have a fighting chance. Ms. Carrington fights with you and for you. Her kinetic energy is contagious and is all things to all people. The generation behind her will be even more formidable because this warrior is leading the way in showing us that one may have mental illness…but mental illness, does not have to “have them”. I look forward to witnessing many milestones set as she tenaciously and accurately takes the sting out of this stigma, one life at a time.
Dr. O’Neil K. Walker, S.S.W, D.P.M, D.D (cand.)
Pastor/Special Needs Respite Worker


A Sound Mind Conference, speaking alongside a fellow Mental Health Advocate, Stacy- Ann Buchanan

My beautiful mom passed away of diabetes on Aug 9, 2011. I speak in memory of her, Velma Latmore, her life was centred around public speaking Toast Masters DTM, District 61 Governor. She was instrumental in supporting the Toastmasters Club in 1994 and 1995.[/caption]