Talk Show host of the Karen Carrington show which focuses on Healthy Relationships, Emotional Intelligence, Mental Wellness, and Happy Life Balance

Talk Show host of the Karen Carrington show which focuses on Healthy Relationships, Emotional Intelligence, Mental Wellness, and Happy Life Balance

My Guest Mr. Byron Nelson Self made millionaire from California shares secrets to success. Hot Topic was “Love of Money. Is it the truly the root of all evil?” This special episode has reached over 20,000 worldwide. “CLICK HERE” to Check it out!





The Karen Carrington Show Monday’s at 7:00 p.m.

Welcome to the Karen Carrington Show! An energetic engaging and interactive platform that uplifts viewers each Monday at 7:00 pm to start off the week with positivity, encouragement and inspiration! Tune in for stimulating conversations around Powerful Life Lessons, Healthy Relationships , Mental Wellness and Emotional Intelligence. The content and conversations in the show help motivate and inspire listeners who are perhaps broken, alone, lost, need inspiration with their dreams, struggling with physical, emotional pain, mental illness, self- esteem, confidence or have lost all hope. The Karen Carrington Show reaches over 1000 views in 24-48 hours worldwide from Canada to USA, South America, Asia Europe and the Caribbean. In the first few months of the show going airing, The Karen Carrington Show was able to raise $3000 in fundraising campaigns in 5 short days  for a youth chasing his dreams to attend a dance competition and the gives away monthly prizes to lucky viewers to giveback and spread love. The show is all about bringing community together and as the Host and a Creative Communication Artist, Karen Carrington uniquely designs and creates the show content personally for her viewers with love and successfully has a track record of helping people globally to live life to the fullest!


Here’s what people are saying about the show!

Margie Macneil from Nova Scotia writes “Thank you so very much Karen for your episode on betrayal this week, I was betrayed so bad and its taking me many many years to try and forgive, this show was too perfect, its like you were talking directly to me .. That betrayal hurt so bad I never got over it .. You made me look deep inside myself and really think , I spent a lot of years hating and for what? I was the only one hurting, I will have to forgive for me, not them .. So I can free myself… One love Karen”

Chadd Patterson from Toronto writes “Hearing other people’s stories made me feel like I wasn’t alone. Having a supportive network of people really helps get people going. What I took away from the show is a number of helpful tips that I can use when trying to stay on track. Overall great tips tonight on healthy living, topics were relevant to daily life and I enjoyed people’s stories. Thank you thank you Karen for the great broadcast!

Hi’ilani Mcshane from Hawaii writes “I think that’s what I’m missing… I need more God in my life, there’s Grace Bible Church not far from me. I feel deeply that this is what I need in my life right now. We all fall away at times. But I know that when I did put God first that all things happened righteously. I loved today’s broadcast topic about healing from a broken heart Karen. I knew it was what I needed to hear! Mahalo from Hawaii!!

Taylor Made from Toronto writes “Thank you for being a voice that echoes to the world. You are changing people lives and making dreams for others come true. God bless you Karen”

 Tia Ray from Milwaukee, USA writes “Karen! I listened to this episode about “Is Money truly the Root of all evil” with guest self-made millionaire Mr.Byron Nelson during my 2 hour drive home and it was amazing! I laughed, I gained some knowledge, I checked my self, and gained some inspiration! Incredible!






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The Karen Carrington Show looks forward to having you join us!


“I love shows like these it gave so people hope” Andre Johnson27788685_10160438600125497_7341904754538165749_o

The show was amazing. Great start for the new year. Refreshing our minds and ordering our steps to keep focus on our purpose and goals” Debbie Wilkinson

“It was great to hear about how to stay motivated, and remember to be you” Elvin Zhang

“Great show! Always discussing some great content! ..looking forward to being on it again” Nelly James

“Great show from what I was able to watch from 27628733_1443522575777376_2450016503596677779_owork!” Angelica McMann

“Great show! It touched on somethings I had in mind for 2018, embracing body confidence and identifying/eliminating toxic relationships. I absolutely loved the tips. Great take aways” Kesha Christie

“This show is amazing, how to move forward, how to overcome fear and step in your purpose
Each week your show brings something new and fresh” And that’s why I watch every week” Andrea C Abrams- Williams

“Fabulous show, very motivating. Really enjoyed watching!” Cindy Dombroski

“What a perfect way to start the show in 2018!” Tania Katbath


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