I try to spread the gospel in different ways. I believe we all have a gift. I believe I was placed here to share my gift of connecting with others internationally and spreading love. We all have a divine purpose.

Spread Love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier. This mindset is my definition of true love. My goal in my life is to not let anyone ever come to me without leaving happier. Let us start today by spreading love wherever we go. In your own home, to a next-door neighbor, to a friend, to a co-worker or even to a stranger.  Let us make it a point to smile at each other; help one another.  It doesn’t matter who it is.  By putting this into practice daily, spreading love will help you grow a greater love for each other. Love flows easily from one person to another when your deepest desire is to be a loving, caring person and compassionate person. True love starts from within, to be selfless, to give back, to display love, by spreading love.


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“My Love, it’s that instant connection with others, it’s a special energy that flows through me, it charges me, it keeps me alive, ” ~Karen Carrington

Romans 1:11-12, Paul says “I want to share a special gift of the Holy Spirit with you. It will make you strong. Both of us need help. I can help make your faith strong and you can do the same for me. We need each other”




It’s 10:23a.m Sunday morning and I’m still in pajamas staring at the ceiling, I’m depleted. I need to be in church by 11:15, something’s telling me to go. Despite my exhaustion, I need to be there. “Ok Karen” I plead with myself “Get up, wake up the boys, you need to be on time”


Geez! I’m so glad I went! Pastor Ben spoke on sharing your personal story and the impact it has on people’s lives. This message moved me. I love to tell stories! I am a story teller, I am a Motivational Speaker and Author. I enjoy interacting with absolutely everyone I connect with. I’ve been expressive since I was young and passionate about communicating my thoughts and emotions in front of a small group of friends for a gathering or a large audience for a conference.


As I sat in service, Pastor Ben gave us homework to write out a few short sentences to briefly sum up our testimony. He asked us to answer “What was your life like before Christ, what made you turn your life to Christ and what is your life like now with Christ as your savior? He suggested to post our responses on social media on the church Facebook page. I was really really excited and motivated to get started! Ok, so here’s what I posted:


“I used to battle mental illness and faced many challenges with anxiety. When my first son almost died at birth, I faced my deepest fear and I asked Christ to come into my life. God, my protector has shown me that I no longer have to fight on my own- when I am weak He is strong, through Him I have a sound mind and a spirit of peace”.


After jotting down the homework he assigned, it dawned on me. “Hmmm, maybe not everyone will share their story, but everyone HAS A STORY! I know it! So I decided to reach out to twenty people from all walks of life, all ages, men, women and children from different backgrounds, countries and cultures through social media. I asked if they would embark on this project with me to share their testimony on how Christ changed their lives. The “Twenty Testimonies of Transformation” project will hopefully bless, heal and uplift others. One story here may be the key to someone’s prison. May it set them free of bondage and bring hope to the broken.


~Karen Carrington


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Twenty Testimonies of Transformation



Before I surrendered my life to Christ I felt lost, confused and depressed with no sense of direction. I turned my life over to Christ because of his unconditional sacrificial love, and I desperately wanted to be set free with a divine purpose and destiny for the Kingdom Of God. Since following Christ, my life has changed dramatically, and I continually experience his peace and love, which enables me to live my life with passion and purpose; as I walk in Faith and Power in Christ Jesus.



Before I had Christ in my life, I felt like I had with no real direction however, life circumstances made me a true believer. Today I am unstoppable and walk with purpose.


Farrah Hodgson

My life was filled with alot of irresponsible decisions and fleshful desires. I was very stubborn and God was calling me for a quite some time. It was not until had a tumor on my spine and was in excruciating pain where I had to do surgery and became paralyzed. Then I surrendered to Christ. I knew there was no other way but to live for God and to let God lead my life. My life now is clear and light God has turned my pain 2 passion



Alan Tilley

My life was fairly normal before giving my life to Christ. I turned my life over to Christ in essence for salvation. My life has changed completely internally as a person firstly and have deeper peace, hope and strength in and with Christ Jesus.


Rev. Dr. O’Neil K. Walker

My life was very sad as I had no peace and felt I had to fight to be happy. I heard a message that spoke of God’s love towards me. I have such peace and joy and that I never knew could be obtained until I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal saviour.


Victoria A. Morgan

Before I surrendered my life to Christ, it was disjointed as there was no flow to it. I knew the worldly way was not right in His eyes and I wanted to see my late grandmother again. I am more spiritual in my walk with Him and I now live by faith and in perfect connection to what His plans are for my life.


Matthew Allman

My life was confusing and frustrating, mostly unfulfilling. I was tired of running and arguing with God. Now that I have Christ in my life, I have more faith, I’m infinitely more happy and even though things aren’t perfect, I’m grateful for what I have and especially for what I don’t have.


Brianna Worthy My life before I came to Christ was all over the place and I had no sense of direction. I decided to get saved when the Holy Spirit came to me one night and provided a peace I have never experienced before! Since I have been in the arms of my Father God, I’ve found although trouble may find you it does not last, joy comes in the morning!


Donna Savage

Before I surrendered to Christ, my life was in a dark place, I wasn’t sure if I was coming or going, I was that person who looked to people for approval, wanted to be accepted and played the part well. I was tired of disappointment, fear and rejection. I remembered one day I actually prayed and ask if He really existed and I got my answer. Now, I rely on Him and my life hasn’t been the same. I listen to Him and I am patient.


Minister Tamika Martells

I was existing without a cause. My soul and spirit was crying out for more. Now that I follow Christ, I have joy unspeakable joy and that is something the world can’t give.




Stephanie Martin

My life was on a thin string and I had people’s negativity in my life. What made me turn my life over to Christ was when I was on the hospital bed with my 1 ½ year old son 7 years ago. My life changed since knowing Christ because I am now able to achieve things and go places I never thought possible. God is love.




I was filled with void, fear and with no purpose. I had a need to experience something different than what I was living. I had the desire and a strong belief there must be more to life. Now I have inner peace like no other; and that strength and desire to share that peace and love to others in different ways.


Maria Brown

Before surrendering to Christ I was a hurt, sad and mean person!! I always felt something was missing and knew deep down that following our Christ and saviour was the only way! I have been abundantly blessed in all areas of my life. God is Amazing




Curtis E. Barlow

Before following Christ, I didn’t fully understand his love. Then, I felt his love and spirit and my family foundation is God. I’m stronger, wiser, more loving, more forgiving, more understanding since following Christ




Life was simple before I knew Christ. Because He is real and His existence is authentic, I turned my life over to Him. Now, I’m aware of His presence and I make wise choices



G. Soso

My life was empty and filled with fearful thoughts. I found truth. My life has been filled with restoration both spiritualty and in the natural.



Before knowing Christ, I was lost and unfulfilled. It was the Blackout in Toronto and I was afraid of the dark that made me turn my life to Christ. Since following Christ, there is hope and light in every situation.





I was born in the church but at the age 22 I left thinking I was missing out on worldly living. My life went downhill and I was never happy. I had one disappointment after the next. One day, I hit rock bottom and remember how good my life was prior to leaving the church. I went back to church after being in the world for 6 years. That was 30 years ago and I have not looked back since. Serving God means a lot to me. Currently, there is no other option but to follow him.



Terehz Carrington

Before I knew Christ my life was neutral and normal. My mom helped and supported me with a Christian lifestyle. Now that I have Christ in my heart I am more aware and notice all the events in my life. God helps us and keeps us safe.




Before I knew Christ I lived a very quiet life. I love the Lord and I want to go to heaven. Now I am at peace





This collection of “Twenty Testimonies of Transformation” is like a story I once read.

It was about a man who lost his wife to cancer and his son passed away in a tragic car accident. He gave up all hope in the Lord and didn’t know why he was being punished. One day, he came under conviction and went out to a quiet lake, dropped to his knees and gave his life to the Lord. Days later the devil started to play with his mind and taunted him repeatedly saying that giving his life to the Lord was useless and since the Lord has failed him once, the Lord will fail him again. The man got so irritated with this bullying from the enemy, so he went to get an ax and said to the devil “Follow me!” The man led the devil to the exact spot by the lake where he gave his life to the Lord and drove the ax into the ground with all his strength! He yelled “Devil, Listen! I gave my life to the Lord right here, I know my God! You are NOT welcome here! LEAVE!

Sharing your testimony is like slashing an ax into the ground. It sends a strong bold message that the Lord is the savior of your life. It’s inspiring to others and keeps the devil away. So share it! Share it boldly!

I am so grateful Pastor Ben planted the seed to do this assignment. God was able to use me and others for a common goal. To share the gospel. Luke 8:39 says “Go, and tell the people what the Lord has done for you!”

A special thank you to the contributors in this collection who joined me and shared their

“Story for the Lord’s Glory”.