“Hope- A New Way of Thinking”

Karen Carrington writes her compelling story of Hope along with 27 other co-authors around the world sharing their stories of inspirational hope. This Book quickly rose to Amazon Best Seller!!! Karen beautifully writes her heartfelt story of overcoming her pain, and heartache battling mental illness and how she broke through barriers and survival story.  When life changes right before our eyes, Hope is the one thing that remains when all else fails. What is it that keeps you in a place of peace and gratefulness? What do you do when no one understands or it feels like no one cares? The collective messages in this beautiful book will enlighten our readers to look beyond their present circumstances and find strength where they never looked before. Maybe it will inspire you to recognize the gifts of courage and inner peace from allowing something bigger than yourself to guide you to a place of certainty that cannot be put into words. Regardless of the circumstances, one thing remains. It ‘s found deep within the human soul. It’s within you too – take a closer look. #Hope – A New Way of Thinking!



“Thank you for sharing your incredible story of insight and inspiration in our beautiful anthology, Hope- A New Way of Thinking. Although, you may never fully comprehend the depth of your contribution, please know that lives are already being changed by your story, personal experiences and hope. It was a pleasure to collaborate with you once more in this life-healing book”. With Gratitude, Anita Sechesky

“Well, make sure you have a couple Kleenex ready before you read Karen’s chapter. I found myself anxious to read the next paragraph and at the same time a little frighten as to what I would read. If you have ever have faced despair you must read Karen Carrington’s chapter in this beautiful book.” Elizabeth

“I absolutely loved reading Karen’s chapter in #HOPE-A new way of thinking. She was very transparent with her journey and that brought me a huge sense of relief to know that I too am not alone in my daily battles.  I loved the story of how she turned her life around by remaining within the word of God.  This was definitely a great read. Micca





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