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A Fresh Start 
111 Affirmations to Make This the Best Year Ever and Create the Life You Want 
 by karen carrington 

New Book Release! "A Fresh Start - 111 Affirmations to Make This the Best Year Ever and Create the Life You Want" is Talk Show Host's and Inspirational Speaker Karen Carrington's journey of near impossible life challenges and overcoming heartbreaking failures. The lessons shared in this book takes you to new levels of your greatness as Carrington's humourous energy leaps from the pages and guides you to reflect on your life purpose. As you read, you will be reminded that you are able to reach your goals despite your set backs. This beautifully laid out book is powerful a self- help tool which includes 111 affirmations, a workbook of life lessons and a free 30 day bonus journal all wrapped up into one! Get ready to have the best year ever and create the life you want!

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