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Pandemic to Peace is a condensed complimentary e-book offering spiritual comfort during the global pandemic. Karen Carrington's philanthopy work continues to provide worldwide support to all those in need.

"I met Karen Carrington at her Fresh Start book signing in Vegas for her 1st book. She writes empowering words of inspiration. As a frontline worker, Pandemic to Peace gives me hope"

~Lola K. Mitchell

"I shared Pandemic to Peace with my friends. This is a simple yet impactful e-book"

~Sean Jacobs

"This e-book, came at the perfect time. The words helped me have faith, strengthened my relationship with God during crisis and reminded me that tomorrow is a brighter day!"

~Debra Caledon

"This e-book is effortless to download and quick to read. I needed this reassurance during covid -19 after losing my restaurant, I felt hopeless. Thank you"

~Marcus Tahao

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