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'Pandemic to Peace' is a condensed complimentary e-book offering spiritual comfort during the two intertwined global pandemics: Covid-19 and racism. Karen Carrington's platform provides worldwide support through her award-winning talk show, Hollywood media appearances, online workshops and her best selling book A Fresh Start. 


"I met Karen at her Fresh Start book signing in Vegas for her 1st book. She always writes empowering words of inspiration. As a frontline worker, Pandemic to Peace gives me hope"


Lola K. Mitchell

"This e-book, came at the perfect time. The words helped me have faith, strengthened my relationship with God during crisis and reminded me that tomorrow is a brighter day!"

Debra Caledon

"I forwarded the e-book Pandemic to Peace to my mens group and they all loved it. It's inspiring, simple, and to the point. It encourages me that I can over come anything as a black man. 

Nathan Thomas

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