Suicide Prevention Awareness Day

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September 10th is my birthday and is also National Suicide Awareness Day. For many years, I did not believe I was suppose to live, or to love or to be loved. God saved me after attempting to end my life when I was 15 because I was supposed to live that day. According to the World Health Organization, someone around the globe dies by suicide every 40 seconds.  Because many people are afraid to express their feelings in fear of being stigmatized, I use my platform, books, spa collection, and talk show to spread awareness and help those who are struggling to manage their mental health. I was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder in 2007 and it totally took over my life. The journey was a long road to recovery but now I have the tools to manage a healthy balanced life. 

Being a mental health advocate is important to me because I believe the only way we’re going to remove the judgment and discrimination is by spreading awareness. My goal is to raise $20,000. Every dollar helps. Contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support!