Shame Over

A Conversation About Men's Mental Health


As a man, do you ever feel reluctant, worried or afraid to discuss your mental health in fear of judgment? Do you often procrastinate asking for help? Shame Over is a stigma breaking judgment free book written by Talk Show Host Karen Carrington and Social Worker David Grant, who specializes in the emotional and mental health of boys and men, he holds a Master of Social Work Degree and an expert in his field.


This easy to read book helps boys and men of all walks of life understand, cope with and heal from their mental distress. As a Mental Health Advocate, and being interviewed on CTV News for her Men's Series, Karen Carrington continues to bring untold stories to the forefront and have open candid conversations helping to spread awareness and break the cycle.


Today, that SHAME is OVER!

Each chapter covers the various challenges men and male youth face 
  • Anger Management

  • Depression and Anxiety

  • Stigmas of Masculinity

  • Relationships and Dating

  • Mental Distress and PTSD

  • Substance Abuse

  • Living with Addictions

  • Divorce and Family Court     

  • Black Men Lives Matter

  • LGBTQ Hate Crimes

  • Suicidal Indigeneous Men 

  • Boys Emotional Support 

  • Trauma and Violence

  • Lack of Spritual Support

  • Limited Access to Resources

  • Sexually Abused Boys

  • Fatherhood Stress

  • Emasculation

  • Practicing Self-Care

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