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Karen Carrington, Founder of Karen Carrington Studio Productions, is a Certified Personal Development Trainer, member of Toronto Women in Film & Television and successfully completed the Corus Media Management Accelerator (CMMA) program with Ryerson University’s Chang School of Continuing Education. She is frequently booked for her media expertise, mental wellness workshops and hosting online events across North America.  














Karen's Carrington's men's program is the first of it's kind. She makes us men feel safe to speak our truth and she doesn't pass judgement. She is a breath of fresh air for men worldwide. Thank you KAREN!

~ Matthew Portland

Financial Advisor

Karen Carrington is approachable, relatable, confidential and she does everything with integrity. I can come to her with any issue or any project and she handles it with class and integrity. Her work ethic is unreal.

~Darren Yen

Remax Real Estate Agent

Karen's men's series helped me heal with the issues I face. She never judges and her platform is so needed. Being a guest on her show was an experience I'll never forget.

~Tyler Miller

Single Father of 2

I joined Karen Carrington's social media development program for 30 days straight and although I knew I had what is takes to be successful, I didn't have the online visibility to demonstrate my talents or skillsets. Her social media boot camp helped me gain rapid online visibility on Facebook and increased my Instagram to over 25 thousand followers! To be successful in Karen's program, you need to put in the work and be consistent. It was worth every penny! 

~Taylor Made Speaks

Certified Speaker, Influencer, Author



Karen Carrington's knowledge in Social Media Digital marketing is amazing. Without her expertise the vision of our restaurant grand opening launch would not have been executed to the level of success and excellence we have reached today! Karen went above and beyond to ensure everything on our social media pages was on point for our big day! We had back to back orders the next day! Thanks Karen!

~Kendra's Cuisine

Executive Chef and Founder



I had the pleasure of being mentored by Karen Carrington and it has been a phenomenal experience! She continues to inspire me and lead by example by showing what's possible when you remain focused and continue to take action. Thank you, Karen!

~Ashley Wright

CEO of The Wright Success

Karen Carrington creates superior content to her listeners. She was on my podcast here in our Kansas City studio and I look forward to working with the Queen of Social Media again!

~Ken Cheadle

Podcaster of the Adverse Effect, Kansas City



I met Karen through my publisher and my first conversation with her was professional and warm. For many years, I did not trust easily but talking to Karen made my heart feel at peace. She's open minded and knows exactly how to be a people person. When I spoke to her, I didn't hesitate to trust. Immediately after our consultation call, I booked her services to host my online book launch. My event was in the hands of a woman I've never met in person but she naturally me feel like I knew her for years. The event with the production team completely blew me away. All the attendees I spoke to after the party shared nothing short of great things to say. Karen you rock. Continue to be who you are. You are a gift to this planet. Much love and respect always.

~Sharon Mitchell

Published Author



Karen Carrington is a phenomenal social media Influencer and fun to work with here in L.A!

~Anthony Clarke

Founder of RCLA, Los Angeles

Karen Carrington is a consistent, positive, hard working author, speaker and talk show host. She has branded herself professionally and continuously motivates viewers. She was an active dedicated participant in my online Master Class Intensive Program, always submitted what was required of her on time. Dedication and passion is common for Karen throughout her entire entrepreneurial journey.

~Glenn P. Brooks

Executive Director at Glenn P. Brooks Jr. LLC, Virginia USA.



Honestly, working with Karen Carrington is such a joy! I have worked with her for years and she always makes the creation process so much fun from start to finish!! I love you KC!

~Candace Lauren,

Lead Graphic Designer, Entrecorp Media


Karen Carrington is hands down the Queen of hosting events! She hosts all my events since 2016 with professionalism and excellence. 

~Farrah Hodgson

Founder of Daughter of the King Publishing



As one of the Co Chairs of the North American Men Engage Network, I had the awesome pleasure of working with Karen Carrington who was the distinguished host/moderator of our regional symposium on the topic, "intersectionality & decolonization". Karen was excellent! She executed with grace and poise. Her command of the audience virtually were reflected in the many positive feedbacks received; participants voiced their pleasure on the way she delivered from start to finish. Karen is extremely articulate, passionate and committed. She is industrious, a people person and someone who delivers. She gives quality work and this is evident in her research on the subject matter and the way in she unpacks the various themes. I am delighted that we chose her as our host/moderator and we will choose her again if we were re do the event. Without hesitation, I proudly endorse and recommend her to anyone who is looking to add quality and professionalism to their event. She is absolutely fabulous!

~Shane Joseph Co Chair, NAMEN The North American Men Engage Network, a US/Canada regional organization working with men and boys to achieve gender equality in North America



Working with Karen Carrington is always an awesome experience. I met her back in 2015 and she executes projects from start to finish professionally and efficiently. When I need to get things done, she always makes it happen. She is excellent at marketing, media and PR and I look forward to working with her again!

~Daniel P. Chin

Founder of Chin Properties & Author of The Manifested Millionaire



From before I even stepped into the studio, Karen had already made me feel comfortable. Our conversations beforehand prepared me for what to expect, and Karen made it a point to explain how each step of the production would go. The on-air experience was light, fun, and even though the topics we spoke about were heavy, Karen was able to maintain a positive atmosphere. I need another excuse to go back on! I'd definitely recommend anyone be a guest on her show.

~Kern Carter

Author and Ghost Writer

I commend Karen for taking the initiative helping men cope with their mental distress co-authoring with her on the new released book "Shame Over". I look forward to working with her with her again!

~David Grant

Social Worker at the Government of Yukon, Canada

The Karen Carrington Fresh Start Niagara Falls Luxury retreat was an amazing experience. Karen took care of every detail with elegance and style. The participants noticed that every possible need was taken care of. It was delightful to work with Karen and to see how she pours her heart and soul in everything she does.

~Vee Clarke

Project Coordinator at the City of Mississauga



I had a great time on the Karen Carrington show. It was very professional and well organized. I felt very comfortable within an easy going atmosphere. That was my first experience using a facebook  live stream and there were no hiccups. I would recommend anyone to be a guest on this show who is not afraid to express themselves. I would also be a guest again in the future!

~Warren Ward

Entrepreneur and Professional Athlete

Karen is a very hard working & compassionate about her community! She is who you see on social media. No faking at all. I’ve had the honour of working for her behind the scenes; seeing her work ethics, her vision, her patience and her attention to detail online and offline is beyond impressive.

~Marsha V. O'Mara

Business Owner at Divine Executive Concierge Inc.

Karen Carrington captivates viewers from beginning to end. Her audiences are always engaged in what she is saying and invested in the message she is delivering. As well, she is great to work with - always very professional, and communicates well leading up to all of her online live events. 

~Veronica Antipolo

Live Stream Producer, Sassy LaV Productions

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