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Hey Friend! Welcome to my Master Class Page! So glad to have you here! I'm an Award Winning Talk show Host, Certified Personal Development Trainer, member of Toronto Women in Film & Television, and successfully completed the Corus Media Management Accelerator (CMMA) program with Ryerson University’s Chang School of Continuing Education. I frequently host live workshops across North America and help business owners and entrepreneurs gain confidence on camera.

Do you wish you could make videos to increase your social media traffic and attract new clients but the very thought of recording yourself on camera makes your heart race? Your memory goes blank? You dread how you will look and sound?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then my "Good Bye Camera Shy" Masterclass is for you! It will teach you how to go from feeling nervous and insecure to confident and prepared in front of the camera! 


You will learn how to display positive body language effortlessly and communicate effectively, prepare your material to create engaging content, speak naturally without sounding salesy, build trust with followers and look and feel your best on camera with optimal lighting and simple equipment.


Over the last year, the virtual world has become the new normal! Business owners record videos more than ever to gain exposure, increase their social media traffic, attract ideal clients, generate revenue and increase profitability! They do this to avoid being left behind in the digital dust! Don’t let that be you! Kick fear to the curb and say Good Bye Camera Shy!






I joined Karen Carrington's social media development mentorship program for 30 days straight and although I knew I had what is takes to be successful, I didn't have the online visibility to demonstrate my talents or skillsets. Her program helped me gain rapid online visibility on Facebook and increased my Instagram to over 25K followers! To be successful in Karen's program, you need to put in the work, complete her workshops and be consistent. It was worth every penny! 

~Taylor Made Speaks

Certified Speaker, Influencer, Author

Karen Carrington was the workshop Facilitator for Women's Gender Based Violence Wellness Series and I learned so much from her, the way she delivers content is so engaging and interactive. The subjects are heavy but she makes them digestible and easy to discuss in a group setting. I highly recommend her workshops.

Sarah T. Paul

Social Worker, Ottawa



As one of the Co Chairs of the North American MenEngage Network, I had the awesome pleasure of working with Karen Carrington who was the distinguished host/moderator of our regional symposium on the topic, "intersectionality & decolonization". Karen was excellent! She executed her duties with grace and poise. Her command of the audience virtually were reflected in the many positive feedbacks received; participants voiced their pleasure on the way she delivered from start to finish.

Karen is extremely articulate, passionate and committed. She is industrious, a people person and someone who delivers. She gives quality work and this is evident in her research on the subject matter and the way in she unpacks the various themes. I am delighted that we chose her as our host/moderator and we willl choose her again if we were re do the event. Without hesitation, I proudly endorse and recommend her to anyone who is looking to add quality and professionalism to their event. She is absolutely fabulous!



Shane Joseph
Co Chair, NAMEN

The Norh American MenEngage Network (NAMEN), Inc. is a US/Canada regional network of organizations and individuals working with men and boys to achieve gender equality, end violence, and promote health for men, women and children in North America



I had the pleasure of being mentored by Karen Carrington and it has been a phenomenal experience! Her vision board workshop pushed me to my greatness. She continues to inspire me and lead by example by showing what's possible when you remain focused and continue to take action. Thank you, Karen!

~Ashley Wright

CEO of The Wright Success

Karen Carrington creates superior content 

~Ken Cheadle

Podcaster of the Adverse Effect, Kansas City



For many years, I did not trust easily but talking to Karen made my heart feel at peace. She's open minded and knows exactly how to be a people person. When I spoke to her, I didn't hesitate to trust. Immediately after our consultation call, I booked her services. Karen you rock. Continue to be who you are. You are a gift to this planet. 

~Sharon Mitchell

Published Author



Karen Carrington's confidence masterclass was interactive, engaging and well organized

Aggie Luna, Learning Strategist + Course Creation Coach, Texas, USA

Karen Carrington is a consistent, positive, and hard working and continuously motivates students in her workshops.  

~Glenn P. Brooks

Executive Director at Glenn P. Brooks Jr. LLC, Virginia USA.



I really enjoyed the break out rooms to connect and meet new people in this masterclass! Karen helped me with one on one video coaching, she was born to do this! I'm glad I attended! Thanks Karen!

~Farrah Hodgson

Founder of Daughter of the King Publishing



Karen's online classes for women's empowerment motivate and empowered me to be more confident.The visuals and slide presentation were well put together! I would highly recommend this masterclass! I look forward to the next one! I'm so glad I made the time to attend! Thanks Karen!

Lisa Gibson



Working with Karen Carrington is always an awesome experience. I met her back in 2015 and she executes projects from start to finish professionally and efficiently. When I need to get things done, she always makes it happen. Her live shows motivate me and her audience. Her way of connecting with people online is masterful.

~Daniel P. Chin

Founder of Chin Properties & Author of The Manifested Millionaire



The Karen Carrington's workshops are always an amazing experience, they provide a mindset shift and transform lives, she pours her heart and soul in everything she does.

~Vee Clarke

Project Coordinator at the City of Mississauga

Karen Carrington's online experience is very professional and well organized. She explains everything very clearly I felt very comfortable within an easy going atmosphere. 

~Warren Ward

Entrepreneur and Professional Athlete

Karen is a very hard working & compassionate about her courses and students! I’ve had the honour of working for her behind the scenes; seeing her work ethics, her vision, her patience and her attention to detail online and offline is beyond impressive.

~Marsha V. O'Mara

Business Owner at Divine Executive Concierge Inc.